Lifetime Mortgage The Mortgage Works

Retirement Mortgage The Mortgage Works

  • Remove money from your home
  • Not necessary to make regular monthly payments
  • Use the money to pay off credit cards and loans
  • Continue to live in your own house
  • Product not impacted by coronavirus-covid 19 crisis
  • All areas of the UK are acceptable including Northern Ireland

If you don’t want a lifetime mortgage or equity release, and just want a normal interest-only mortgage at 3.97% regardless of your age please Click Here

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Not interested in equity release? Do you just want a conventional interest-only mortgage at 3.97% regardless of your age please Click Here

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mortgage works interest only lifetime mortgage
themortgageworks interest only lifetime mortgage

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themortgageworks Over 60
mortgage works pensioner mortgage

Equity Release Providers

  • Age Concern
  • Norwich Union
  • Age Concern


Business owners who could benefit from equity release estate planning – the mortgage works

  • Plant propagation Ringwood
  • Construction of domestic buildings Fordingbridge
  • Manufacture of other ceramic products n e c Kings Lynn
  • Manufacture of ceramic insulators and insulating fittings Wirksworth
  • Solicitors Ealing
  • Electrical installation Glossop
  • Manufacture of other food products n e c Hemel Hempstead
  • Manufacture of cement Tamworth
  • Quantity surveying activities Blyth
  • Renting and leasing of construction and civil engineering machinery and equipment Kenilworth
  • Manufacture of optical precision instruments Godalming
  • Financial intermediation not elsewhere classified Northleach with Eastington
  • Wholesale of machinery for the textile industry and of sewing and knitting machines Ellesmere Port
  • Repair of fabricated metal products Shepton Mallet
  • Manufacture of imitation jewellery and related articles Totnes
  • Unlicensed carrier Coggeshall
  • First-degree level higher education Greater Willington
  • Other building and industrial cleaning activities Thatcham
  • Growing of tropical and subtropical fruits Bingley
  • Manufacture of steam generators, except central heating hot water boilers Broughton-in-Furness
  • Manufacture of breakfast cereals and cereals-based food Dartmouth
  • Repair of electronic and optical equipment Beccles
  • Growing of cereals except rice , leguminous crops and oil seeds Woodstock
  • Pension funding Pershore
  • Finishing of textiles Wimborne Minster
  • Repair and maintenance of other transport equipment n e c Swanage
  • Freight rail transport Painswick
  • Mixed farming Winchcombe
  • Security dealing on own account Willesden

Pensioner Mortgage The Mortgage Works

The lender will want to know if the property is a Detached freehold house or a Leasehold flat and if the resident is an AST Tenant.

Drawbacks of Equity Release Plans

Monthly payment equity release can reduce the inheritance for your family. Monthly payment equity release may impact ability to claim entitlements. You may need to pay a legal fee and you could have higher rates to pay with some schemes.


Areas of the UK where Lifetime Mortgages are popular

  • Bishops Castle
  • Hedge End
  • Sandbach
  • North Tawton
  • East Cowes
  • Aylesbury
  • Devizes
  • Sherborne
  • Leyburn
  • Southend-on-Sea
  • Colburn
  • Dovercourt
  • Hedon
  • Bushey
  • Cleckheaton
  • Ryde
  • Mablethorpe and Sutton

It is often found to encounter individuals searching for lump sum lifetime mortgages, lumpsum lifetime mortgages or home reversion plans, however, Age Concern like Royal London Equity Release are keen to see paperwork to show your circumstances in the form of bank statements.

Retirement Mortgage Non Standard Construction in 2023

Canada Life

Interest Only Lifetime Mortgages The Mortgage Works

Crown Mortgages

Hodge Lifetime Lifetime Mortgages

LV Equity Release

Hard to finance home types can include properties where proposed building works have not yet commenced, properties where the ownership is set up on a tenancy in common basis, right to buy – properties in Scotland, crofted houses and properties with owned solar panels.

Some of the most common retirement finance offerings are Lloyds mortgages for people over 50, Barclays Bank mortgages over 65, Post Office interest only lifetime mortgages, Legal and General interest only lifetime mortgages and Nationwide Building Society interest only mortgages for over 70s.

Does The Mortgage Works offer mortgages up to 85?

Yes, The Mortgage Works do mortgages up to 85 at 1.84% APRC. The Mortgage Works mortgages up to 85 have a loan to value (ltv) of 65%.

Does The Mortgage Works offer later life lending to Under 55?

Yes, The Mortgage Works later life lending Under 55 is 1.94% MER.

Do The Mortgage Works offer mortgages over 70?

Yes, The Mortgage Works mortgages over 70 are 2.17% APRC.

Does The Mortgage Works do mortgages over 75?

Yes, The Mortgage Works mortgages over 75 are 2.04% APR.

Does The Mortgage Works offer later life lending?

Yes, The Mortgage Works later life lending is 2.07% MER.

What are The Mortgage Works rates for retirement mortgages?

The Mortgage Works interest rates for retirement mortgages are 1.88% APR.

Does The Mortgage Works have excellent reviews for pensioner mortgages?

Yes, The Mortgage Works reviews are commendable for pensioner mortgages.

Does The Mortgage Works rio mortgage calculator show the loan to value (ltv)?

Yes, the The Mortgage Works RIO mortgage calculator shows a excellent loan to value (ltv) of 65%.

Does a The Mortgage Works retirement interest only mortgage advisor charge a substantial fee?

No, The Mortgage Works retirement interest only mortgage advisors are free.

Does The Mortgage Works offer mortgages over 60?

Yes, The Mortgage Works mortgages over 60 are 2.19% MER.

Does The Mortgage Works offer mortgages over 55?

Yes, The Mortgage Works mortgages over 55 are 2.12% APRC.

Difficult to mortgage property variants include eco-houses and modern methods of construction, properties with spray foam insulation applied to the underside of the roof, privately developed flats, maximum four storeys with a lift, privately developed flats in blocks of five storeys or more and properties where the flat is accessed via a deck or balcony.

Common loan to value percentages of TSB equity release schemes for people over 70, HSBC lifetime mortgages for over 60s, Halifax over 60 lifetime mortgages, Legal & General mortgages for over 60s, RBS mortgages for people over 50 and Nationwide later life mortgages for over 70s are 45%, 60% and 65%.

Tough to mortgage home titles include grade ll Listed houses (grade C in Scotland and B2 in Northern Ireland), properties with a large number/scale of outbuildings, agricultural use of the land and any outbuildings, properties with flying or creeping freeholds which comprise over 15% of the total floor area and properties adversely affected by existing or proposed issues including roads, rail, airports, power plants, power lines/pylons, wind turbines, sub stations, sewage works, quarries, fuel stations, refuse sites, sports grounds, noise, light or environmental pollution.

Challenging to mortgage property titles can include properties built on contaminated land, properties with any kind of structural defect, damp, dry or wet rot, property is uninhabitable, cob property and missing planning permission or building regulations approval.

How much can I borrow?

You can get 60% of your property’s value. For example, if your house is valued at £330,000 you can borrow £214,000.

Hodge Lifetime Equity Release

One Family Retirement Mortgages


Equity Release LTV Percentages – mortgageworks

The more aged you are and the sicker you are the more tax-free money you can release.

Aviva lifetime mortgage

More2Life - Flexi Choice Lite

Legal & General - Premier Flexible Black

Canada LIfe - Interest Select Gold Flexi

OneFamily joint lifetime mortgage

Canada Life Home Finance lifetime mortgage for properties in Scotland

  • Aviva Equity Release Schemes
  • More 2 Life Tailored Choice Plan
  • Liverpool Victoria LV= Lump Sum Plus Lifetime Mortgage
  • More to Life Flexi Choice Drawdown Lite Plan
  • Liverpool Victoria LV Equity Release
  • TSB Equity Release Schemes
  • Aviva Equity Release Schemes
  • HSBC Equity Release
  • NatWest Lifetime Mortgage
  • Age Partnership Interest Only Lifetime Mortgage
  • Just retirement defined benefit
  • Liverpool Victoria LV Equity Release Plans
  • More2Life Flexi Choice Drawdown Lite Plan
  • Pure Retirement Classic Drawdown Lite Plan
  • Stonehaven Lifetime Mortgage
  • Age Partnership Interest Only Lifetime Mortgage


How much is it common to release from a home

  • 60% home reversion schemes LV Liverpool Victoria
  • 35% LTV home reversion plans Blemain
  • 60% loan to value monthly payment equity release Sunlife Plans
  • 30% loan to value (LTV) lifetime mortgage with flexible drawdown cash release Masthaven
  • 30% loan to value home reversion plans Masthaven

Isle Of Wight And Anglesey