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Retirement Mortgage The Mortgage Lender Limited

  • Use the money to buy another house
  • Still, have a mortgage? We can help with that
  • Continue to live in your own house
  • Lender not impacted by corona virus-covid19
  • All UK Postcodes areas are acceptable
  • Properties near power lines, mobile masts, wind turbines and substations acceptable

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lifetime mortgage
lifetime mortgage interest only
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lifetime mortgage interest only

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lifetime mortgage


Drawbacks of Lifetime Mortgages

Home reversion plans can reduce your estate value. Monthly payment lifetime mortgage may impact entitlements to state benefits. You may need to pay an advisor’s fee and some products expose you to changes in interest rates.

  • More 2 Life Tailored Choice Plan
  • More2Life Flexi Choice Drawdown Lite Plan
  • Nationwide Equity Release Schemes
  • More to Life Tailored Choice Plan
  • Age Partnership Lifetime Mortgage
  • Canada Life Landlord Voluntary Select Plan
  • Hodge Equity Release Schemes
  • Just retirement equity release lifetime mortgages
  • Liverpool Victoria LV= Flexible Lifetime Mortgage
  • More to Life Capital Choice Plus Plan
  • Royal Bank of Scotland Interest Only Lifetime Mortgage
  • Saga Equity Release Schemes
  • Aviva Equity Release Plans
  • NatWest Equity Release Schemes
  • Aviva Lifetime Mortgages
  • Bridgewater Equity Release Plans
  • Liverpool Victoria LV= Lump Sum Plus Lifetime Mortgage
  • Nationwide Interest Only Lifetime Mortgage
  • Lloyds Bank Equity Release
  • Saga Equity Release Schemes


Equity release is common among small business owners like below

  • Processing and preserving of fish, crustaceans and molluscs Lymington
  • Other transportation support activities St Just-in-Penwith
  • Other manufacturing n e c Bury St Edmunds
  • Social work activities without accommodation for the elderly and disabled Morecambe
  • Manufacture of assembled parquet floors Blackburn
  • Cargo handling for air transport activities Aldershot
  • Manufacture of hollow glass Cullompton
  • Artistic creation Grays
  • Investigation activities Coleford
  • Agents involved in the sale of food, beverages and tobacco Sandiacre
  • Urban and suburban passenger railway transportation by underground, metro and similar systems Buckingham
  • Support activities for crop production Stony Stratford
  • Manufacture of brooms and brushes Radstock
  • Activities of other holding companies n e c Cleckheaton
  • Wholesale of meat and meat products Bedworth
  • Wired telecommunications activities Plympton
  • Aluminium production Sprowston
  • Operation of warehousing and storage facilities for water transport activities West Tilbury
  • Deep coal mines Attleborough
  • Manufacture of wallpaper Slough
  • General medical practice activities Tipton
  • Manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment for motor vehicles and their engines Ottery St Mary

More2Life - Capital Choice Plan

Legal & General - Flexible Blue

OneFamily joint lifetime mortgage

Pensioner Mortgage The Mortgage Lender Limited

More2Life - Capital Choice Plan

LV= Lump Sum+ Lifetime Mortgage

Legal & General - Flexible Yellow

Difficult to mortgage property variants include homes requiring essential repairs, entirely tenanted properties, leasehold properties (England, Wales, Northern Ireland) subject to a lease length of 160 years, leasehold properties (with the exception of flats and maisonettes) and properties with leased solar panels.

Common pensioner loan products include Lloyds interest only mortgages for over 65 year olds, Barclays interest only mortgages for people over 60, NatWest mortgages over 65, Legal & General interest only mortgages for over 60s near London and Nationwide Building Society mortgages for over 65.

Hard to finance home types can include difficult roof structures, properties with any externally applied insulation to the walls after construction, properties with minimum floor area of 30 square metres, coach houses i.e. freehold properties with garages beneath and freehold flats (England, Wales, Northern Ireland).

Popular loan to values of TSB later life borrowing schemes over 55, HSBC RIO mortgages over 75, Halifax interest only mortgages for over 65 year olds, Legal and General mortgages for over 65, Royal Bank of Scotland remortgages for people over 50 years old and Nationwide BS mortgages for over 60s are 50%, 55% and 65%.

Challenging to finance home titles can include properties built or converted into dwellings within the last 10 years , properties with a large number/scale of outbuildings, grades l and ll* Listed Buildings in England & Wales (Grades A and B in Scotland; A, B+ and B1 in Northern Ireland), properties using rooms, land or outbuildings for business purposes which are not personal to the borrower(s) or which extend to more than 50% of the property to be secured and properties with mobile phone masts which are within influencing distance of the house.

Tough to mortgage property variants can include properties will be assessed for flood risk, properties without a kitchen or bathroom, properties where there are boundary disputes or where planning applications have not been applied for correctly, asbestos construction and Reema Hollow panel, Schindler and Hawksley SGS, Stent, Stonecrete, Stour, Tarran, Underdown, Unity and Butterley, Waller, Wates, Wessex, Winget and Woolaway.

Loan to value for equity release?

You can release 70% of your property’s valuation. As an example, if your home is valued at £320,000 you can release £224,000.

Canada LIfe - Interest Select Gold Flexi

Just Retirement - Roll-Up Lifetime Mortgage

Pensioner Mortgage The Mortgage Works in 2024

Towns where Lifetime Mortgages are routine

  • Cowes
  • Dovercourt
  • St Mawes
  • St Mawes
  • Henley-on-Thames
  • Yarm
  • Hinckley
  • Tadcaster
  • Minehead
  • Ashbourne
  • Portishead and North Weston
  • Epping
  • Eye
  • Staveley
  • Chipping Sodbury
  • Aylsham
  • Hadleigh
  • Leyburn
  • Hunstanton


How much is it common to release from a home

The more aged you are and the more serious your illnesses you are the more cash you can release.

Legal and General Retirement Mortgages

One Family

Interest Only Lifetime Mortgages The Mortgage Lender Limited

LV Retirement Mortgages

Crown Lifetime Mortgages

Hodge Lifetime Equity Release

One Family Mortgages

LV Drawdown Lifetime Mortgages

It’s common to find people searching for lump sum lifetime mortgages, lump sum life time mortgages or home reversion plans, however, Aviva like Old Mutual Wealth are keen to see evidence of your personal situation in the form of bank statements.

Equity Release Loan To Value

  • 50% lump sum lifetime mortgages Maximum cover Equity Release
  • 55% loan to value lumpsum lifetime mortgages Key Retirement
  • 40% loan to value monthly payment equity release Shawbrook
  • 25% LTV home reversion schemes Hinckley and Rugby Building Society

The 1st and 2nd charge lender will want to know if the property is a Semi detached freehold house or a Leasehold flat and if the resident is an Assured shorthold tenancy tenant.

Equity Release Scheme Providers

  • Bower
  • Stepchange
  • Key Retirement

Remortgage Yorkshire Bank in 2024

Does The Mortgage Lender do mortgages up to 85?

Yes, The Mortgage Lender does mortgages up to 85 at 1.86% APRC. The Mortgage Lender mortgages up to 85 have a LTV of 55%.

Do The Mortgage Lender do later life lending to Under 55?

Yes, The Mortgage Lender later life lending Under 55 is 2.05% MER.

Does The Mortgage Lender offer mortgages over 70?

Yes, The Mortgage Lender mortgages over 70 are 2.12% MER.

Do The Mortgage Lender offer mortgages over 75?

Yes, The Mortgage Lender mortgages over 75 are 1.9% APRC.

Does The Mortgage Lender do later life lending?

Yes, The Mortgage Lender later life lending is 2.05% APR.

What are The Mortgage Lender interest rates for retirement mortgages?

The Mortgage Lender rates for retirement mortgages are 2.06% APRC.

Do The Mortgage Lender have favourable reviews for pensioner mortgages?

Yes, The Mortgage Lender reviews are superb for pensioner mortgages.

Does the The Mortgage Lender rio mortgage calculator show the LTV?

Yes, the The Mortgage Lender RIO mortgage calculator shows a favourable LTV of 55%.

Does a The Mortgage Lender retirement interest only mortgage advisor charge a substantial fee?

No, The Mortgage Lender retirement interest only mortgage advisors are free.

Does The Mortgage Lender do mortgages over 60?

Yes, The Mortgage Lender mortgages over 60 are 2.29% APRC.

Does The Mortgage Lender do mortgages over 55?

Yes, The Mortgage Lender mortgages over 55 are 2.16% APRC.