Lifetime Mortgage Tax Free And Estate Planning

Retirement Mortgage Tax Free And Estate Planning

  • Release tax-free money from your home
  • You don’t need to make regular monthly payments
  • Help your family with the equity you release
  • Still, have a few more mortgages payments to make? No problems
  • Continue to live in your own property
  • No lenders fee added on
  • All leasehold properties considered

If you don’t want a lifetime mortgage or equity release, and just want a normal interest-only mortgage at 1.97% regardless of your age please Click Here

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Not interested in equity release? Do you just want a conventional interest-only mortgage at 1.97% regardless of your age please Click Here

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Over 65


Equity Release Loan To Value

  • 55% interest-only lifetime mortgages VitalityLife Equity Release
  • 25% loan to value lumpsum lifetime mortgages United Trust Bank
  • 50% loan to value (LTV) monthly payment lifetime mortgage 1st Stop Home Loans
  • 25% LTV home reversion schemes Paragon NonPortfolio
  • 55% loan to value monthly payment equity release the Telegraph
  • 45% loan to value lump sum lifetime mortgages Pure Retirement
  • 35% LTV monthly payment equity release Shawbrook


Equity Release UK Providers

  • More2Life
  • Prudential
  • Lifetime Mortgage from L&G
  • Stepchange

Reliance Bank

Equity Release percentages of your current property value

The older you are and the more serious your illnesses you are the more money you can release.

  • Canada Life Lifetime Mortgages
  • Just Retirement Drawdown Lifetime Mortgage
  • Lloyds Bank Lifetime Mortgage
  • Bridgewater Equity Release Schemes
  • Canada Life Equity Release
  • L&G Legal & General Flexible Max Plus
  • Liverpool Victoria LV Equity Release Plans
  • More2Life Tailored Choice Plan
  • Hodge Equity Release Schemes
  • Liverpool Victoria LV= Lump Sum Plus Lifetime Mortgage
  • Stonehaven Lifetime Mortgage
  • HSBC Equity Release Schemes
  • Royal Bank of Scotland Equity Release
  • Age Partnership Interest Only Lifetime Mortgage
  • Stonehaven Equity Release Scheme
  • Nationwide Equity Release
  • Lloyds Bank Equity Release Plans
  • Saga Equity Release Schemes

Crown Equity Release

Pensioner Mortgage Tax Free And Estate Planning

Hodge Lifetime Lifetime Mortgages

Pure Retirement Retirement Mortgages

Crown Drawdown Lifetime Mortgages


Towns in the UK where retirement mortgages are common

  • Bulwell
  • Sidmouth
  • Minchinhampton
  • Shefford
  • Stanhope
  • Pickering
  • High Wycombe
  • Newcastle-under-Lyme
  • Bolton

Examples of retired business owners likely to have equity to release

  • Retail sale of bread, cakes, flour confectionery and sugar confectionery in specialised stores Ludlow
  • Manufacture of wire products, chain and springs Alford
  • Activities of trade unions Broughton-in-Furness
  • Non-life insurance Church Stretton
  • Manufacture of tubes, pipes, hollow profiles and related fittings, of steel Adlington
  • Raising of sheep and goats Saffron Walden
  • Manufacture of sugar confectionery Oundle
  • Repair of fabricated metal products Brigg
  • Renting and leasing of freight air transport equipment Gravesend
  • Other reservation service activities n e c Paignton
  • Non-specialised wholesale trade Maltby
  • Manufacture of lime and plaster Hyde
  • Manufacture of ceramic tiles and flags Shipston-on-Stour
  • Growing of beverage crops Framlingham
  • Activities of real estate investment trusts Sidmouth
  • Social work activities without accommodation for the elderly and disabled Bude-Stratton
  • Repair of footwear and leather goods Pershore
  • Manufacture of prepared feeds for farm animals Crediton
  • Other professional, scientific and technical activities n e c Gateshead
  • Wholesale trade of motor vehicle parts and accessories Edmonton
  • Mineral oil refining Burnham-on-Sea
  • Wholesale of machine tools Rothwell
  • Passenger rail transport, interurban St Neots
  • Manufacture of motorcycles Irthlingborough


Drawbacks of Home Reversion Schemes

Interest-only lifetime mortgages can reduce the inheritance for your family. Monthly payment equity release may impact ability to get state benefits. You may need to pay an advisor’s fee and you could have higher rates to pay with some schemes.

It’s very regular to discover individuals searching for lumpsum lifetime mortgages, lump sum life time mortgages or interest-only lifetime mortgages, however, Bower like Zurich are keen to see paperwork to show your personal circumstances in the form of investment statements.

Interest Only Lifetime Mortgages Sainsburys Bank UK

Just lifetime mortgage

LV= Flexible Lifetime Mortgage

Interest Only Lifetime Mortgages Tax Free And Estate Planning

Canada Life Home Finance lifetime mortgage for properties in Scotland

Aviva lifetime mortgage

more 2 life joint lifetime mortgage

Pure Retirement - Classic Super Lite Plan

More2Life - Capital Choice Plan

The 1st and 2nd charge lender will want to know if the property is a Semi detached freehold house or a Leasehold flat and if the resident is an Private Tenant.