Lifetime Mortgage Bristol

Retirement Mortgage Bristol

  • Remove tax-free equity from your property
  • Not necessary to make regular monthly payments
  • Help your family to buy another home
  • Are you still paying a mortgage? We can help with that
  • Stay living in your own home
  • Could be used to help tax planning
  • Lenders not affected by coronavirus-covid19
  • No broker fee
  • All leasehold properties considered

If you don’t want a lifetime mortgage or equity release, and just want a normal mortgage at 3.97% regardless of your age please Click Here

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Not interested in equity release? Do you just want a conventional mortgage at 3.97% regardless of your age please Click Here

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Equity Release LTV – how to release equity in my house

The older you are and the the more illnesses you have you are the more tax free money you can release.

  • Canada Life Equity Release Schemes
  • Pure Retirement Classic Voluntary Payment Super Lite
  • HSBC Lifetime Mortgage
  • Age Partnership Equity Release Schemes
  • More2Life Tailored Choice Plan
  • Liverpool Victoria LV Equity Release
  • Nationwide Equity Release
  • Lloyds Bank Equity Release Plans
  • Aviva Equity Release Schemes
  • Canada Life Voluntary Select Gold Flexi
  • Hodge Equity Release Schemes
  • Just Retirement Equity Release Schemes
  • Stonehaven Interest Select Plan
  • TSB Lifetime Mortgage
  • Saga home reversion plan


Small business owners detail likely with equity to release

  • Construction of domestic buildings Wembley
  • Extraction of natural gas Great Torrington
  • Child day-care activities Desborough
  • Undifferentiated goods-producing activities of private households for own use Sprowston
  • Medical nursing home activities Emsworth
  • Security and commodity contracts dealing activities Axminster
  • Casting of other non-ferrous metals Cinderford
  • Wholesale of metals and metal ores Hedge End
  • Inland freight water transport Thorne
  • Activities of religious organizations Immingham
  • Other engineering activities Skipton
  • Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering Holbeach
  • Manufacture of corrugated paper and paperboard, sacks and bags Leyburn
  • Other education n e c Maltby
  • Activities of property unit trusts Chippenham
  • Wholesale of live animals Great Dunmow
  • Satellite telecommunications activities Christchurch
  • Driving school activities Brandon
  • Manufacture of other transport equipment n e c Wallingford
  • Manufacture of jewellery and related articles Hyde
  • Postal activities under universal service obligation Worksop
  • Test drilling and boring Charlbury
  • Wireless telecommunications activities Bexhill-on-Sea
  • Wholesale of clothing and footwear Olney
  • Repair of computers and peripheral equipment Heanor and Loscoe
  • Mineral oil refining Kirkby Stephen
  • Manufacture of sports goods Kings Lynn
  • Wholesale of fruit and vegetables Burgh-le-Marsh
  • Retail sale via stalls and markets of textiles, clothing and footwear Wilton
  • Financial management Carlton Colville


How much is it common to release from a home – how do equity release schemes work

  • 55% home reversion plans Aegon
  • 25% loan to value (LTV) monthly payment lifetime mortgage Evolution Money
  • 25% loan to value monthly payment life time mortgage Swansea Building Society
  • 35% loan to value lifetime mortgage with flexible drawdown cash release LV equity release

It’s usual to find individuals searching for monthly payment equity release, lumpsum lifetime mortgages or home reversion schemes, however, Key Solutions like AIG Life are keen to see paperwork to show your personal situation in the form of pension statements.

The 1st and 2nd charge lender will want to know if the property is a Freehold house or a Leasehold flat with share of freehold and if the resident is an Private Tenant.

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Lenders for Equity Release

  • Just Retirement
  • New Life
  • Bower
  • AIG Life


Pitfalls of Home Reversion Schemes

Interest-only lifetime mortgages can reduce the value of your estate. Home reversion schemes may impact entitlements to state benefits. You may need to pay a legal fee and some products expose you to changes in interest rates.

More2Life Retirement Mortgages releasing equity from your house

Difficult to finance property variants include poorly maintained at the time of the valuation inspection, properties where the ownership is set up on a tenancy in common basis, right to buy – properties in Scotland, properties where the customer is offering only part of the title as security for the loan and properties with single skin brickwork .

Popular pensioner finance products include Lloyds Bank interest only mortgages for over 65 year olds, Barclays Bank mortgages for 60 year olds, Post Office later life interest only mortgages over 60, Legal & General later life borrowing schemes and Nationwide BS interest only mortgages for over 70s.

Difficult to mortgage property variants include eco houses and modern methods of construction, properties with single skin brickwork where the single skin comprises more than 20% of the surface area of the external walls, studio flats located within the M25, privately developed flats in blocks of five storeys or more and properties where the flat is accessed via a deck or balcony.

Does Bristol offer mortgages up to 85?

Yes, Bristol does mortgages up to 85 at 1.93% APR. Bristol mortgages up to 85 can have a loan to value (ltv) of 75%.

Does Bristol offer later life lending to Under 55?

Yes, Bristol later life lending Under 55 is 2.09% APRC.

Does Bristol do mortgages over 70?

Yes, Bristol mortgages over 70 are 2.24% MER.

Do Bristol do mortgages over 75?

Yes, Bristol mortgages over 75 are 2.19% APRC.

Do Bristol offer later life lending?

Yes, Bristol later life lending is 1.8% MER.

What are the current Bristol rates for retirement mortgages?

Bristol interest rates for retirement mortgages are 2.01% APR.

Do Bristol have good reviews for pensioner mortgages?

Yes, Bristol reviews are commendable for pensioner mortgages.

Does the Bristol rio mortgage calculator show the loan to value?

Yes, the Bristol RIO mortgage calculator shows a good loan to value of 65%.

Does a Bristol retirement interest only mortgage advisor charge a large fee?

No, Bristol retirement interest only mortgage advisors are free.

Does Bristol do mortgages over 60?

Yes, Bristol mortgages over 60 are 2.25% MER.

Does Bristol do mortgages over 55?

Yes, Bristol mortgages over 55 are 2.24% APRC.

Common loan to value percentage ratios of Lloyds Bank retirement mortgages over 70, HSBC over 60 mortgages, Post Office RIO mortgages over 75, Legal and General later life interest only mortgages over 70, Royal Bank of Scotland retirement mortgages over 70 and Nationwide BS lifetime mortgages for over 55s are 50%, 55% and 65%.

Challenging to finance home titles can include properties with land in addition to the domestic grounds up to a maximum property size of five acres, where the land is for normal domestic use, properties with a large number/scale of outbuildings, use of the land and any outbuildings for a small amount of personal commercial use., properties that have solar farms or a large number of wind turbines on the land and properties adversely affected by existing or proposed issues including roads, rail, airports, power plants, power lines/pylons, wind turbines, sub stations, sewage works, quarries, fuel stations, refuse sites, sports grounds, noise, light or environmental pollution.

Challenging to finance home variants can include rentcharges properties with a high estate rentcharge, high service charges – properties where the Service Charge per annum at the time of application is more than 2% of the property value, properties where there are boundary disputes or where planning applications have not been applied for correctly, thatched buildings and concrete frame.

How much cash can I borrow?

You can release 60% of your property’s value. For example, if your home is valued at £320,000 you can release £208,000.

One Family is equity release a con

More2Life Lifetime Mortgages equity release plans


Interest Only Lifetime Mortgages Bristol


RIO Aldermore Bank in 2024

LV= lifetime mortgage

Legal & General - Flexible Pink

Legal & General Home Finance lifetime mortgage

More2Life - Capital Choice Plan

Pensioner Mortgage Bristol

Canada Life Home Finance lifetime mortgage for properties in Scotland

LV= Flexible Lifetime Mortgage

More2Life - Tailored Choice Plan

More2Life - Flexi Choice Super Lite

Areas where retirement mortgages are popular

  • Fordbridge
  • Kirton-in-Lindsey
  • Loftus
  • Buntingford
  • Faversham
  • Carlton Colville
  • Corringham
  • Windsor
  • Oldham
  • Stretford
  • Mansfield
  • Altrincham
  • Staines-upon-Thames
  • Ashington
  • Hadleigh
  • Epworth
  • Maghull
  • Prescot