Equity Release Aged 44 – Free Valuation and No Fees

Retirement Mortgage Age 44

    • Release tax-free equity from your home at age 44
    • No regular monthly repayments
    • Use the money for anything you like
    • Are you still paying a mortgage? That’s fine we can help
    • Continue to stay in your home

If you don’t want a lifetime mortgage or equity release, and just want a normal mortgage at 3.97% regardless of your age please Click Here

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Not interested in equity release? Do you just want a conventional mortgage at 3.97% regardless of your age please Click Here

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Equity Release LTV

  • 50% home reversion plans Maximum cover Equity Release
  • 55% loan to value home reversion plans Key Retirement


Disadvantages of Equity Release Plans

Home reversion schemes can reduce your estate value. Home reversion plans may impact the ability to get state benefits. You may need to pay a valuation fee and you could be exposed to changes in interest rates with some products.

It is very regular to find people searching for home reversion plans, lumpsum lifetime mortgages or lifetime mortgage with flexible drawdown cash release, however, Aviva like Royal London Equity Release are keen to see proof of your circumstances in the form of bank statements.

National Counties Building Society Bs

Pensioner Mortgage Age 44

Hard to mortgage property variants include properties in poor condition, properties where tenants live in a self-contained part of the property, leasehold properties (England, Wales, Northern Ireland) subject to a lease length of 160 years, properties where the customer is offering only part of the title as security for the loan and properties where the borrower(s) own the freehold with any connected party .

Some of the most popular retirement mortgage products include Lloyds Bank equity release schemes, Barclays Bank over 60 lifetime mortgages, Halifax equity release schemes, L&G mortgages for pensioners and Nationwide BS interest only mortgages for people over 70.

Hard to mortgage property types include difficult roof structures, properties with single skin brickwork where the single skin comprises more than 20% of the surface area of the external walls, large concrete panel systems, studio flats outside the M25 and basement or lower ground floor flats with level access to private or communal garden space.

Popular LTV percentages of Lloyds Bank pensioner mortgages over 60, HSBC mortgages for over 60s, Halifax retirement mortgages over 60, L&G lifetime mortgages for over 55s, Royal Bank of Scotland mortgages for 60 plus pensioners and Nationwide mortgages for pensioners over 60 are 45%, 60% and 65%.

Challenging to finance property titles can include grade ll Listed houses (grade C in Scotland and B2 in Northern Ireland), properties with grounds in excess of five acres, use of the land and any outbuildings for a small amount of personal commercial use., properties where there is a self-contained part of the property or annexe, i.e. basement flat etc and properties with mobile phone masts which are within influencing distance of the house.

Challenging to finance home variants include properties will be assessed for flood risk, leasehold properties with a short lease, typically less than 70 years, or a defective lease, derelict property or where part of the building is in severe disrepair and needs demolishing, cob property and concrete panel houses.

How much money can I borrow?

You can release 70% of your property’s value. As an example, if your house is worth £360,000 you can release £234,000.

  • Aviva Lifestyle Flexible Option
  • Just retirement equity release lifetime mortgages
  • More2Life Capital Choice Plus Plan
  • Pure Retirement Classic Drawdown Lite Plan
  • Stonehaven Interest Select Plan
  • Nationwide Equity Release Schemes
  • Saga home reversion schemes
  • Canada Life Lifestyle Gold Flexi
  • More2Life Capital Choice Plus Plan
  • Just Retirement Equity Release Plans
  • Stonehaven Equity Release Plan
  • HSBC Lifetime Mortgage
  • Lloyds Bank Equity Release
  • More2Life Flexi Choice Voluntary Payment Super Lite
  • More 2 Life Flexi Choice Voluntary Payment Super Lite
  • HSBC Interest Only Lifetime Mortgage
  • NatWest Lifetime Mortgage
  • Age Partnership Lifetime Mortgage
  • Aviva Lifestyle Flexible Option
  • Hodge Lifetime Mortgage Plus
  • More to Life Flexi Choice Voluntary Payment Super Lite
  • TSB Equity Release Schemes
  • Age Partnership Lifetime Mortgage

Pensioner Mortgage Precast Reinforced Concrete Prc Properties UK

Does Nationwide BS offer Lifetime Mortgages?

Yes, Nationwide BS does lifetime mortgages at 1.94% MER. Nationwide BS Lifetime Mortgages can have a LTV of 75%.

Just lifetime mortgage

Does Nationwide BS do Equity Release Under 55?

Yes, Nationwide BS Equity Release Under 55 is 2.1% APRC.

Premier Flexible Black

Does Nationwide BS do Retirement Mortgages?

Yes, Nationwide BS Retirement Mortgages are 2.13% APR.

Canada Life - Lifestyle Lite

Does Nationwide BS do Pensioner Mortgages?

Yes, Nationwide BS Pensioner Mortgages are 1.8% APR.

Canada Life Home Finance lifetime mortgage

Do Nationwide BS offer Equity Release?

Yes, Nationwide BS Equity Release is 2.13% MER.

LV= Lump Sum+ Lifetime Mortgage

What are the current Nationwide BS rates for the age 44 equity release?

Nationwide BS rates for age 44 equity release are 1.84% APRC.

OneFamily lifetime mortgage

Legal & General - Flexible Blue

Interest Only Lifetime Mortgages Age 44

LV= Flexible Lifetime Mortgage

Legal & General - Premier Flexible Black

Do Nationwide BS have excellent reviews for age 44 equity release?

Yes, Nationwide BS reviews are superb for the age 44 equity release.

Canada Life Home Finance lifetime mortgage for properties in Scotland

Aviva Drawdown Lifetime Mortgages

Does the Nationwide BS age 44 equity release calculator show the LTV?

Yes, the Nationwide BS Age 44 Equity Release calculator shows an excellent LTV of 55%.

Canada Life Retirement Mortgages

Does a Nationwide BS age 44 equity release advisor charge a substantial fee?

No, Nationwide BS Age 44 Equity Release advisors are free.

Legal and General Mortgages

One Family Drawdown Lifetime Mortgages

Pure Retirement Equity Release

Does Nationwide BS do home equity loans?

Yes, Nationwide BS home equity loans are 2.23% APRC.

Just Drawdown Lifetime Mortgages

Does Nationwide BS do home equity lines of credit?

Yes, Nationwide BS home equity lines of credit are 2.1% APR.

More2Life Retirement Mortgages


Small business owners detail likely with equity to release

  • Manufacture of paints, varnishes and similar coatings, mastics and sealants Fleet
  • Activities of insurance agents and brokers Ellesmere
  • Manufacture of cordage, rope, twine and netting Seaton
  • Silviculture and other forestry activities Swindon
  • Repair of electrical equipment St Austell
  • Other professional, scientific and technical activities n e c Mossley
  • Security dealing on own account Wooler
  • Agents involved in the sale of textiles, clothing, fur, footwear and leather goods Orford
  • Public order and safety activities Thornaby-on-Tees
  • Manufacture of other articles of concrete, plaster and cement Snaith and Cowick
  • Activities of sport clubs Sale
  • Manufacture of condiments and seasonings Macclesfield
  • Investigation activities Bordon
  • Activities of exhibition and fair organisers Pickering
  • Manufacture of doors and windows of metal Whaley Bridge
  • Growing of tropical and subtropical fruits Rugby
  • Test drilling and boring Bebington
  • Manufacture of other men’s outerwear Darlington
  • Sports and recreation education Plympton
  • Manufacture of starches and starch products Uckfield
  • Motion picture, video and television programme post-production activities Ashington
  • Cultural education Corringham
  • Technical and vocational secondary education Northleach with Eastington
  • Activities of extraterritorial organizations and bodies Potton


Equity Release LTV Percentages

The more aged you are and the sicker you are the more cash you can release.


Areas in the UK where retirement mortgages are routine

  • Bovey Tracey
  • Gateshead
  • Hastings
  • Sedgefield
  • Wantage
  • Dagenham
  • Fleet
  • Newport
  • Featherstone
  • Market Deeping
  • Newhaven
  • Wallingford
  • Kingsteignton
  • Mablethorpe and Sutton
  • Market Drayton
  • Sheringham
  • Burgh-le-Marsh
  • Wragby
  • Godalming

The 1st and 2nd charge lender will want to know if the property is a Freehold terraced house or a Leasehold flat with share of freehold and if the resident is an Owner Occupier Primary Residence.

UK Lenders for Equity Release

  • Age Partnership
  • Pure Retirement
  • the Telegraph
  • Pure Retirement