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Finance Hub introduces people looking for equity release to suitable lenders. With a panel much bigger than offered by the main comparison engines, Finance Hub can get some excellent rates tailored to your needs.

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Equity Release
remortgaging to release equity
equity release costs
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equity release costs
remortgaging to release equity

Bluestone Mortgages
Cambridge Building Society
Chelsea Building Society
Clydesdale Bank

Coutts Finance Co
Spary Foam
Danske Bank
Manchester Building Society
Direct Lender
Britannia Co-Operative Bank
Yorkshire Bank
Lloyds Bank
First Direct
Canada Life
Annexe Homes
Tyne-Wear Newcastle
Molo Finance
The Isle Of Wight And Anglesey
Accord Mortgages
Darlington Building Society
Equity Release Over 55

No Advisor Fee
Magellan Homeloans
Allied Irish Bank AIB
Sainsbury’s Bank

It is a loan and loans have interest. In the case of equity release, the interest is added to the loan principal.

Ahli United Bank
Aldermore Bank
Bank Of Ireland
Bank Of Ireland Mortgages
Belfast Northern Ireland

It can be an excellent idea for some people that need to money or need to pay off an existing mortgage.

Teachers Building Society
The Mortgage Works
TSB Bank

Its like a mortgage with no monthly repayments. Some offers have a free valuation.

Saffron Building Society Mortgages
Skipton Building Society

I pensioner mortgage could be better for some people that have income.

Monmouthshire Building Society
More Than Two Borrowers
National Counties Building Society Bs
Nedbank Private Wealth
Newbury Building Society Mortgages

It is a loan.

Leeds Building Society
Leek United Society
Market Harborough Building Society
Marsden Bs
Masthaven Bank
Melton Mowbray

It is a loan with roll up interest that is paid back by the sale of the home.

Hanley Economic Building Society
Hanley Mortgages
Intelligent Finance
Ipswich Building Society Mortgages
Itl Mortgages

It is a mortgage with no monthly repayments.

Repayment Option
Earl Shilton Building Society
Virgin Money
West Midlands Birmingham
First Trust Bank

Some lifetime mortgages have monthly repayments and some do not.

Godiva Mortgages Ltd

Once upon a time, there lived an elderly couple in the United Kingdom. Despite having their life savings tucked away in a bank account and the occasional pension cheque coming in each month, they were struggling to make ends meet. Their bills kept getting higher, while their income stayed the same. After many discussions with a financial advisor, they decided to explore equity release as an option.

The couple had heard of equity release plan before; it was a way of turning some of the value tied up in their home into a lump sum or regular income while still being able to stay in the property. After researching various plans available, they eventually chose one that allowed them to access 25% of their home’s value – tax free – and receive an income for life.

With the money released from their property, the couple finally felt secure. They were able to pay off outstanding bills and debts, leaving them with more disposable income each month than ever before. They could now look forward to retirement without worrying about where their next meal would come from or paying for basic household necessities. Equity release gave them newfound peace of mind and enabled them to enjoy the golden years of their lives worry-free.

Some of the lenders that offer equity release include Landmark Mortgages, and Leeds And Holbeck Building Society.